Welcome to Hardanger Basecamp

    Back to Nature - Back to Basics!

    Come and experience our "Back to Nature" way of life in Osa. Here at Hardanger Basecamp we offers accommodation, meals, and activities. Everything we offer is  “nature related”.

    We offer a variety of unique activities and experiences tailored to help you enjoy, become part of, and eventually learn how to survive in the wild.


    Hardanger Basecamp is located in Osa, Norway, with close access to both the Hardangerfjord and Hardangervidda. The beautiful scenery and its -mysterious- history makes this a great destination.

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    To stay in Hardanger Basecamp is an experience out of the ordinary. Most people who come to us choose to stay in our Mongolian yurts, built and adapted, taking the Norwegian climate into account.

    Our yurts are comfortable and cozy whilst giving you a feeling of being immersed in nature. Whether you are on your own, couple, family or larger group, we are always happy to accommodate you.


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    There is a vast choice of exciting nature based activities that you can choose from. From guided hikes in the valleys or on Hardangervidda, tunnel excursions, maybe descending vertical shafts, climbing and abseiling high in the mountains, or would you prefer a fishing trip on the fjord, or on the lakes at 1200m altitude?

    Perhaps you want to learn more about nature, e.g. how to make fire in many different ways, or about edible plants and insects? Or become familiar with survival techniques so you can survive on your own in the wild? All our activities can be tailored to individuals, families and groups.

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    Osa "Kafeen"

    You can also come to Osa for a day trip. During the day, before or after you have hiked, walked, fished, climbed or rowed. You can visit the 100 year old “Kafeen” and buy some dried mushrooms, or home made special marmalades. (made of dandelion, pineleaf, chokeberry and many more exciting things we find in nature).

    In this cozy little house, we welcome our guests and  provide tourist information. Our overnight guests can enjoy breakfast and dinner in the Kafeen.

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    Teambuilding and group activities

    Want a different and exciting corporate event? Hardanger Basecamp is the perfect place for companies that want teambuilding outings, Christmas parties etc. Check our packages for businesses. We also offer teambuilding activities to/at a location of your choice.



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